Diabetes Epidemic

Do we really have a Diabetes Epidemic?

Yes we really do have a diabetes epidemic!

diabetes epidemic - testing kitIt is closely related to, and fuelled by, diet and lifestyle choices. The number of people who are now considered to be obese has reached alarming proportions. It is predicted that as more and more of the population becomes overweight the greater the diabetes epidemic will become.

Over twenty nine million people in the USA are known to have diabetes. This represents approximately 9.5 % of the total population and there is little indication that the number will fall in the foreseeable future. In fact it is predicted that the diabetes epidemic will continue to grow almost indefinitely in many parts of the world.

Some medical professionals believe that by 2025 there will be over 380 million diabetes sufferers worldwide.

What has caused the Diabetes Epidemic?

There are a number of factors that determine whether or not an individual will become diabetic. Gender, ethnic background and genetics all play their part.

By far the biggest contributor to the current diabetes epidemic is, however, the lifestyle that we now lead and the diet choices we make.

Diabetes epidemic - fast foodThere are far less people involved in manual labour than there were a number of years ago. This means that the majority burn off less calories during our working day than our parents and their parents before them. In order to get the amount of exercise we need to burn off the calories we consume we therefore need to engage in some form of physical activity away from the work place. Unfortunately in the majority of cases this simply does not happen.

The diet we eat now is, generally speaking, far less healthy than it used to be. The pace of life has increased so dramatically over the past couple of decades. As a result we rely very heavily on ‘fast foods’ and ‘factory prepared meals’. These types of meals are usually extremely high in saturated fats which the body finds difficult to digest.

This combination of a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet is amongst the biggest contributing factors to obesity and our current diabetes epidemic.

Can the Diabetes Epidemic be reversed?

If we are to have any chance whatsoever in preventing the current diabetes epidemic from growing we have to make radical changes to our lifestyle and eating habits.

As obesity is a major cause of type 2 diabetes we have to take steps to control our weight. This is relatively easy to do. Your weight increases because the amount of calories you consume is not being burned away by the physical activity you do.In short, if your weight is increasing you probably need to eat less and exercise more.

In most cases it really is that simple.

diabetes epidemic - healthy food optionBy choosing a healthier diet you will automatically reduce your calorie intake. If you undertake a few more physical activities you will also burn off more calories. This combination of healthier diet and more exercise will help considerably in controlling your weight. It will also help you to maintain a better level of general health.

If everyone is prepared to make the lifestyle and diet changes that they need to make then the obesity problem would be reduced. Once we all become healthier and fitter the net result should be that the diabetes epidemic will also be reduced.

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