Report on Reversing Diabetes Naturally!

Right off the bat I want you to know that I am writing from personal experience.

I have been a sufferer from Diabetes myself for the last fifteen years. I have personally experienced many of the painful and ever-increasing limitations of life which a Type 2 diabetic is heir to.

After my diagnosis I accepted my doctor´s advice.

  • I took the pills as requested.
  • I checked my blood sugar levels with my home diabetes meter.
  • I bought a home blood pressure meter.
  • I attended appointments with the doctor and others with the nurse.
  • I cut down my alcohol intake. Stopped smoking.
  • I reduced my food intake and made serious efforts to get my blood sugar to stabilise.

reversing diabetes naturally - circulation testWhen I suddenly found that my feet felt like I was forever walking barefoot on a beach made of sharp pebbles. I would get sharp shooting pains in my feet at any time in the day or the night. My doctor told me that my diabetes had created nerve damage in my legs and feet I learned I had developed peripheral neuropathy.

I read up on the subject as much as I could but failed to find alternatives to the additional tablets which the doctor prescribed. The forecast for my future was not good. More pain and discomfort looked unavoidable.

I finally reached the end of my tether when my family doctor told me a few months ago that if my blood sugar figures did not come down after my next blood test he would insist I started taking regular insulin shots.

For many years I had paid just lip service in response to my doctor´s advice to cut out sweet foods and drinks. He told me that I should drink more water. I should take much more exercise. And he prescribed even more pills and tablets which he insisted I should take on a daily basis.

The desired results were just not happening. I was tired and exhausted and my libido and performance in the bedroom were nothing like what I had been accustomed to. The problems just seemed to be multiplying.

I did my best to follow my doctor´s original advice:

  • Absolutely no more sweets and chocolates.
  • No more colas and other fizzy drinks.
  • I minimised my alcohol intake.
  • I cut down the size of my meals.
  • I attempted to drink more water despite the fact that I found it difficult to get down unless it was very cold.
  • I joined my local gym visiting around four times a week.
  • I walked my dog at least twice a day.

In all fairness to the doctor´s advice I did lose a few pounds and I felt fitter than I had for some time. The blood sugar figures dropped to some degree but did not seem to stabilise at the recommended levels.

What I lacked was SERIOUS commitment!

I decided to research the subjects of Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy. What I found on the internet was information which finally brought me to my senses. Diabetes really is a contributor to early death. Peripheral Neuropathy brought on by Diabetes is responsible for many amputations throughout the world.

Furthermore many organs in the body are badly affected by Diabetes. It can cause cataracts and blindness. I had already had cataract operations on both my eyes to regain my failing sight.

For years I had suffered from pains in first my toes then into my feet as a result of the Peripheral Neuropathy. Nothing seemed to alleviate the discomfort. Then it seemed to spread to my fingers.

The more I researched the more I realized that other organs were at risk like my kidneys and liver.

The most shocking of all of my researches were the predictions of the medics that Diabetic sufferers could expect to die ten years sooner than other people of the same age.

reversing diabetes - diabetes_meterCommitment was no longer an issue!

I needed all the information I could get.

As I researched more deeply it became very apparent to me that all of the prescribed pills were just a substitute for a cure for diabetes. How come the big pharmaceutical companies had only managed to come up with  pills which would only alleviate the problems caused by diabetes?

There is a sinister answer to that question … if, as a company, you derived many billions of dollars from promoting their palliatives, why would they choose to find a CURE?

The answer is self-evident! As they say in the crime stories “follow the money”.

What About The Future?

Then I thought about my future. I was no longer a young man. I had enjoyed a very full life, even after my diagnosis confirming my diabetic status. But, probably just like the rest of us, I wanted more. I had no intention of letting a simple eating and drinking problem become the reason for an early demise.

I researched many programs and protocols on the internet. I bought many of the ebooks which were being promoted. With each purchase I felt I was getting closer to finding a way to reverse diabetes naturally.

There were varied solutions, all of which had merit. Somehow they just seemed to fall short. Some of the suggested remedies involved diets which were completely impractical for me. With the best will in the world I could not bring myself to give up so many foods which I had enjoyed for so many years. My symptoms were still there but now I was a man on a mission.

I Found The Answer – Reversing Diabetes Naturally!

My red letter day finally came when I read about reversing diabetes naturally. Somehow everything fell in to place. Whilst I had believed that too much sugar and inadequate insulin were the foundations of my problem it turned out that this was an oversimplified assessment. The real answer was much more straightforward and the solution was explained in a logical and encouraging manner.

There are a number of methods for reversing diabetes naturally and I have given details on a number of these here on this website.

For a life free from the curse of diabetes to a life blessed with good health and happiness PLEASE look at the alternatives available to you and give serious consideration to exploring how reversing diabetes naturally could benefit you.

With my best wishes for a healthier, happier future,

Bob Minor

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