Yoga for Diabetics

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Yoga for Diabetics

Yoga for diabetics helps your mind to focus the body┬┤s energy on healing itself.

As you get into the practices of Yoga for diabetics it will bring your body into its natural balance and harmony with the rhythms of life without creating unhelpful stress or discomfort.

yoga_for_diabeticsEach movement in Yoga is called an asana. Many exercises are designed to stimulate body organs such as the liver, adrenal glands, the kidneys and the lungs. These movements will help with the natural detoxification of the body which assists it to recover and to return to its former wonderful functions. Diabetes is defeated when the body has cleaned itself of toxins thereby enabling all of your organs to function again at their optimum.

The vagus nerve runs from the stem of the brain to the abdomen. When stimulated by Yoga exercises for diabetics it carries positive messges from the brain. These messages control your complete digestive process, your heart rate and breathing and many other vital functions of the body.

Regular Yoga for diabetics will enable your body to recover its former rhythms and responses to fresh stresses as they occur in your daily life.

As you choose your Yoga for diabetics regime either through joining Yoga classes or by following Yoga exercise videos remember to take each exercise slowly and gently. Learn to breathe deeply while realaxing. Your aim is to to follow instructions in the firm belief that each exercise will gradually help you to overcome the diabetes which appears to have blighted your life. Over time you will come to recognise that you can reverse diabetes.


Get your life back on track

Once more you can live your life to the full.

You can see how the movements in the video which follows will steadily increase your functionality. Do not attempt at this stage to follow all of the movements. You will gradually learn to accomplish many of these in time. Initially watch and assimulate.

The following video is more advanced and should be followed with caution. Eventually, after practise, you will find that you will be able to perform many of these more complex exercises to help overcome your diabetes.

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